Jaws of death, gripped so well; 

like an embrace of the most loving kind.

It was warm, strong & enveloped me completely.

Why jaws; they were arms. A perfect grip!

Why death; it was a result. A perfect finish!

Why death; I welcomed the release, it was providence – destiny. 
Written for the

‘FROM 15 TO 50′


Word prompt: Destiny
Phrase Prompt: ‘Jaws of Death’
Picture Prompt : 

  50 words
Image by ShailajaV

This post was the “Runner’s Up” for the month of November. 

Thank you for the Badge.

Here is what Shailaja had to say …….

Inderpreet’s interpretation of all three prompts was done with a subtle nuance that compels you to re-read the piece once it’s done. The very fact that the protagonist equates the jaws of death to a warm embrace elevates the scenario from the mundane to the spiritual. Her clever play on the word ‘Why’ throughout the piece is both effective and not overworked.”

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