Jugaad Parenting #NoMoreShortCuts

Long term planning is essential to ensure financial security in our inflationary world! Here are some thoughts on ensuring your child is taken care of.
Parenting – one tough nut to crack or is it a walk in the park? Clichés, I know but for me parenting is something in between these two extremes. I am sure most of us find some aspect of nurturing a child easy and some not so much.
I recently published another post on Women’s Web – my favorite place to write and read. This is a Post supported by the #NoMoreShortCuts initiative.
I bid goodbye to the ‘Jugaad Parenting’, especially when it comes to managing money for your child’s future expenses. As a parent, I believe that apart for instilling good values and manners, giving them a good education is the most important parental duty. Education is the fall back for our children in any eventuality and higher education later ensures they are equipped with the best possible skills for their life. In order to ensure this, planning ahead is critical, including ensuring your family’s financial security through life insurance with a reputed company, such as Exide Life.

To know more –  #NoMoreShortCuts

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