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There are ideas all around us, inspiration from all corners and thoughts clamoring to be traced on paper or tapped out from your fingers…. Our mind is a big cesspool of constantly churning ideas yet when we finally silence the distractions and turn off the addictions of social media; many times we draw a blank. Happens to the best of us but does it stop us?
Does it deter us from trying?
I think if we truly believe in our mind and thoughts of our yearning to write then the words will flow. Next on the agenda is getting it published.  So when my dear friend AditiMathur Kumar, told me about the Short story anthology being put together and published by InkHorn Publishing I was super excited.
The added charm is that the story has to be about ‘India – An Idea’. What better motivation than to share our thoughts about our wonderful, vibrant and amazing country. So as I sat to pen my thoughts I had to share it with my friends and readers.
All are the details are in the link below and there is time till 12th Jan so hurry up and stick your butt to that chair and write. All the best.
Keep reading, keep creating, keep writing.

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