Hazara, Harshita, & Harsh #AtoZChallenge

H brings to fore three very diverse writers. On one hand, I share writer, journalist, and serious novelist Indrajit Hazara. Followed by my favorite and my inspiration Simmi Harshita who writes in Hindi so should not be on this list but I tweaked it a bit! Not to be left behind is the third author Harsh Snehanshu whose latest offering is currently being read by me 🙂 That it is a collection of stories by some of the most talented writers in India is just coincidental! No, it is designed to be a readers’ delight!
So H brings Kolkata-born Indrajit Hazra. A novelist and journalist. He was educated at St Xavier’s Collegiate School and Jadavpur University. He moved to New Delhi in 1998, where he wrote and published three novels—The Burnt Forehead of Max Saul, The Garden of Earthly Delights and The Bioscope Man—all set in Kolkata. He also writes the popular Sunday column ‘Red Herring’ in the Hindustan Times. He is best known for his book The Bioscope Man which has been published in India and France . He has also been nominated by the Spain India Council Foundation in 2012 as 1 of 12 future Indian leaders among other notable Indian professionals.
Simmi Harshita was born in 1940 in Rawalpindi,Pakistan and  is a PhD in Hindi and worked as a teacher with Guru Harkishan Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi for many years. She writes heart wrenching stories, women oriented themes with beautiful language and crisp sentences.
 She is a Hindi writer with more than 50 years of experience. She has two new books coming out this summer. A collection of stories and a novel.
Now the cool dude who had to feature on this list so I again took the liberty of using his first name!  Harsh Snehanshu, writer, editor, and much more…..After graduating from IIT in 2011, he invested a year each on entrepreneurship, pan-India travel, and the Young India Fellowship – a prestigious one-year fellowship in the liberal arts. During 2012-13, he travelled solo across the country on a shoestring budget, sleeping wherever there was space and eating whatever was available, discovering India and a bit of himself. His fascination for stories and abundance of grey hairs are results of this wanderlust and reflection.

He is the  author of Because Shit Happened: What Not To Do In A Start-up! and the bestselling Kanav-Tanya trilogy, Harsh is a prolific freelance writer, having been published in The Caravan, The Hindu, Tehelka among others. Currently an exchange student at Sciences Po, Paris in their School of Urban Affairs, Harsh is working on his forthcoming travel memoir, Route to Roots.

Mango Chutney is his fifth book; the one I am reading it also features the works of many must read bloggers/ writers who I do follow. To name a few; Sakshi Nanda, Athria Jim, Purba Ray and many more!

So here are my choices for H, Which is your favorite? 

I am writing about INCREDIBLE INDIAN AUTHORS for the A to Z Challenge 2015.
Author bio from respective websites and wikipedia.

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