Freefall (The Amalie Noether Chronicles, Book 1) by Jana Williams


(The Amalie Noether Chronicles Book 1)

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Book Description: Freefall


The deep-space transport ship, the Vera Rubin, is light years from Earth when botanist Elle Silver begins to question the use of their space-travel drug, HCH.  Elle notices a growing number of her friends and fellow colonists awaken from their 90-day sleep cycles exhibiting a variety of negative side-effects and she begins to believe the drug is the culprit.  Some of the effects are minor, dry eyes and lack of appetite. Other symptoms are a bigger concern on a tiny ship packed with colonists.

With each sleep cycle completed, more and more colonists awaken both confused and barely concealing a simmering rage – rage that could be a catastrophe on a ship as crowded as the Vera Rubin.  Elle needs proof, but she also needs a plan. If the drug that allows them to travel deep space is at fault, what then?  Elle and her friends Ashok, Achebe and Jin-Hai are pressed to their limits to find a solution to their problem before the ship erupts into chaos… with light years left to travel.

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Elle & friend Ashok believe they are being poisoned by the space-travel drug they use. Ashok wants Elle to help hack the medical computers to find out! Click to Tweet

Author Bio:


Jana Williams is certain that fiction can change peoples lives – especially women and girls.  Her own life story is a testimony to that fact.  One of five daughters, she was raised by a single-mom who placed a high value on reading and storytelling.

Like most writers, Jana’s adventurous spirit has taken her from job to job, absorbing stories, cultures and customs as she worked.  She has been a high-speed motion picture photographer, a VFX coordinator and ‘post coordinator’ in the film industry, and worked in the publishing trade as a bookseller – a publishers rep and now an author.  


But her first love is reading…. and with each book of the Freefall trilogy sold Jana will donate funds to Literacy agencies around the world whose work is to bring the joy of reading to others.

Enjoy a good adventure story and help others learn to read at the same time! Explore space and start the adventure of Freefall.







Advance Praise for Freefall:


“I loved this book. It was a real page-turner. I can’t wait for the sequel.”

Frances K.

“Freefall is smart, funny and utterly engaging. A really good adventure story with a strong female lead.”

Darach S.

“I loved this book…. Jana is a wonderful writer who has created characters that grab you and won’t let go!”

Marg G.





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