BREATHLESS (The Beaumont Series) by Angie Daniels

Book Synopsis

After the death of her fiancé, Sedona Beaumont had given up on love until she meets nice and oh-so-naughty shipbuilder Keith Falcon. The gorgeous hunk has a body that promises hours of tantalizing pleasure, and with every breathless moment they share, Sedona is starting to believe there really is a thing called second chances.
Keith never believed in luck until the sexy motivational speakerresponded to his online profile. After spending years admiring her from a distance, he’s determined to finally claim Sedona in every way. Only there is something he isn’t telling her and once Sedona stumbles across the truth she will have to decide if she’ll forgive Keith and make the holiday better than either have ever imagined. Because once he loves, he loves for life.


Angie Daniels 


Angie Daniels is a free spirit who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind or even better, write about it. Since strutting onto the literary scene in five-inch heels, she’s been capturing her audience’s attention with her wild imagination and love for alpha men. The USA Today Bestselling Author has written over twenty-five novels for imprints such as BET Arabesque, Harlequin/Kimani Romance and Kensington/ Dafina and Kensington/Aphrodisia Books. For more information about upcoming releases, and to connect with Angie on Facebook, please visit her website at

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