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It is the third day of the year and the rush of the rewind and resolution posts almost over. I too have managed to chalk out a somewhat open ended year for myself since I don’t believe in resolutions and being stuck with something that does not make me happy.

This is my first post of 2016 and the 700 post on my blog! Yes, I know not every post has been written by me and many of them are about books but it still means I have been consistent with the aim of my blog. Share and talk about what I think and feel about books. Share about books I like and support.

For me it has been a year of introspection and awareness; learning and growth. The year that was…..well it was hectic and fun, full of change and adventures. This past year had me on my toes most of the time. I am not one to sit and reminisce but since I realized I had so much to talk about my past year. It was not just about the books that I read and many of those which I was unable to write a review about but also the many trips I took and my shift from one city to another.

First half of the year went away in getting the various ‘had to be done’ activities as a army wife and packing up my home of more than 3 years. Trying to squeeze it all in to fit into a flat from a bungalow was a major logistical nightmare for me! Yes, still most of my most cherished trinkets lie forgotten in boxes or lofts. Still the move was done and hence the blog was a tiny bit neglected. No surprises there. Plan to shop really less this year too, since so much stuff is already piled up and I have no place to put it.

I had started the series called #SnapYourWeek and was super excited about it, managed to do it for a few months but finally during my settling and travels lost the thread and then could not continue with it. I was sad, yes but also learnt the lesson that even posting a weekly post regularly requires a lot of planning and dedication. Not that I have an issue with either of those but being without a reliable network and a mom alone took its toll.

Maybe I will make it a monthly feature – a collage of the month gone by; it will have more variety and a lot easier to do.  I am still thinking about it; still got a month to go so let me know if you like the idea and I will execute it. Had a lot of friends joining in and I am so thankful and appreciative of your interest.

On a similar note I have joined the #FMSPHOTOADAY CHALLENGE.I have been following it for a couple of years and thought to take a plunge this year. Hope the goods of internet support me! Yes, I do love taking pictures though I am not too great at it but still I don’t let it stop me. My trusty phone camera is going to click pictures 366 days this year!

The second half of the year went away in travels to Amritsar, Leh, Ahemdabad and weekend trips to family home. Yes, it was a rather unsettled year; mostly I felt I was living out of bags. Hopefully this year is going to be different but being an Army wife I can never be sure!

Last year I had read 115 books for the Goodreads Reading Challenge last year instead of 100 and a few not logged in 😉 This year I have pledged to read 150 books as #150BookPact and have joined the #BrunchBookChallenge too. Reading 24 books should be a breeze and I have to read 3 Indian authors or books – easy peasy; lemon squeezy!

So what has the New Year made you do?
Any sudden decisions?
Any sweeping resolutions?
Mine is to just keep reading and reviewing with better time management.
Keep reading,Keep writing!

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