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Today, I welcome a multi-talented author and founder on the blog. I know her for a few years now and her creativity always boosts me to write more, do more. She showed me that I could pen a story on any topic if I tried and I actually managed to surprise myself.

You must check out the portal of Tell-A-Tale, a website for stories, tales, and much more! Arunima is the founder of Tell-A-Tale and the author of the short novella, The Sands That Shifted.

Arunima is currently working on her next novel, another historical thriller, this time set in ancient China.

Welcome to Eloquent Articulation!


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1)  What inspired this historical/ archaeological fiction, The Sands That Shifted?

Stories have always been my best friend. And history is nothing but a vast collection of stories. Many of these are told, but we don’t know how many more might be hidden.

My fascination has always been with ancient history because there is so much we don’t know about it, so many stories that are yet to be discovered. This book is an outcome of this fascination.

It made me research parts of Egyptian history, specifically the period between 2600 BC. and 2200 BC; and also gave me an insight on how archaeologists work, which I have tried to translate into the story.



2)      Can you give one line to describe your book, The Sands That Shifted? 

A historical thriller that will leave you wishing the story was longer! 


 3)      Clichéd but still; what is your advice to struggling writers who find it difficult to strike a balance between their love for writing and the daily grind putting up obstacles to their success? 

You write because of your love for writing. So make it a habit, just like any other.

We don’t stop brushing our teeth or eating our meals because of lack of time, do we? Then why not extend the same treatment to writing.  

Make it a part of your daily routine to write a few words, a paragraph, anything. Over time you will see that it becomes easier.


Writing is as much about discipline as it is about creativity. ~ Arunima Shekhar



4)      Of all the hats you wear – storyteller, founder of Tell-A-Tale, author – which defies you the best? How do you bring it all together? 

All these hats are interwoven and born out of my love for stories. As a storyteller and story writing trainer, the joy of seeing people absorb and create new stories is what I love.

As the Founder of Tell-A-Tale, I want to give a platform to all storytellers, who use the verbal or written medium to tell stories. The stories inside me find a way in my own writings as an author.


6)      What inspires you to write and do you have a writing routine? 

As a third generation storyteller, I have grown up surrounded by stories – listening to them and gobbling them in the form of books. So a part of my inspiration is my desire to keep this ball rolling. Another part is the urge to find stories.

I listen and observe and find stories inside everything and everyone. And once that happens, I want to tell it. For instance, the idea for this book came to me after a visit to The Tomb of Perneb at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. 

I have a writing routine, where I spend at least an hour each on Saturday and Sunday writing and editing. Another couple of hours are spent on adding new stories from my contributors to


7)      Give us three “Good to Know” facts about you. Be creative.

A lot of my stories stem out of what I dream, so I keep a small diary and pen on my bedside table to scribble my dreams!

I did not understand the relation between speed, distance and time till class X, and yet Maths ended up becoming my favourite subject in college!

I love cheese and can live in a house made of cheese 🙂



Thank you for joining me here on the blog, Arunima. All the best for your next book, I am eager to read it soon.



I read The Sands That Shifted and it transported me to the land of mysterious finds, Pharaohs, and mummies.

Archeology has always been science that shows the impossible secrets and unknown lives. Arunima has in a few pages managed to skillfully create the visually stunning, suspenseful environs of an archeological dig.

The characters and flow of the book are well written, I didn’t realize something was amiss till the actual disappearance happened. And the twist is definitely in the tail in this tale. 🙂

I definitely wanted it to be longer and it has awesome potential for a sequel. Pick The Sands That Shifted for a fast-paced, quick read to keep the mysteries going.


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You can get your copy here …..


BLURB: The Sands That Shifted

Two archaeologists unearth evidence of a city never discovered before. It fills a lacuna in the history of the Egyptian civilization. Sam and Rita are set to become the next pioneers in archaeology.

That is, until one of them goes missing.




  1. Shalzmojo

    I had met Arunima during a blogger’s convention in Gurgaon a few years back. I was totally fascinated with her initiative and had thought of contributing to it in some ways but have never figured out how.

    Great to see her putting her creative instincts into such amazing books- all the best to her with her latest one!

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