#AajKalKeBachee – Teaching As They Learn!!

My little bundle of joy was so tiny and delicate that I held him with reverence. That cute, cuddly little baby who made me laugh with his adorable antics. My miracle of nature surprised me every single day.

Now 6 years later his words and actions make me wonder , am I the parent or is he teaching me about life anew. Yes, he still surprises me but in a whole new way.  I see things differently, through new eyes; his eyes. He is vocal, opinionated and has a solution for everything.

Bringing up a child is never easy and I think all mothers agree as do the grandmothers who will say, today’s generation is indeed a handful. Technology is an integral part of bringing up kids now. The level of awareness and information available to #AajKalKeBachee is truly mind boggling!

He is a Transformer Today!!

Right from the time when we plonk our toddler with a tab or phone and let them click on the exploding stars or watch the nursery rhymes the lure of gadgets is formed. My son is no stranger to technology, in fact I had to upgrade to a faster 4gb phone just so that his games and my writing/blogging could coexist.

I tried to deny him, ration his screen time and even bargain with him for his use of gadgets all in the good faith that his growth was suffering if he is not out with Mother Nature every single day.

Well, I stand corrected!! There is no denying the benefits of getting out in the park but to assume that these modern devices are a hindrance for our children is wrong. I have now accepted that technology is playing a much, much greater part in the lives of our children than what I could ever imagine.

For us these devices, smart phones, tabs, were all new but are children have been born with them, it is a part of their growth so no denying anymore. I have become smarter with my smart kid; I now let him use the devices and I am amazed with the games and videos he watches, he is so technology driven – all construction, planes and mechanics for him.

He is learning so much more than what I could have taught him. I am learning too!

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