A Little Squeamish

I am a blogger. Yes, I am.

Till a few months back I was not sure I could say this with conviction. Doubts and second thoughts were rampant.

Why you say?

Well, for one to be really sure of something one needs the courage to make mistakes. To do  some hard work – burn some midnight oil or sacrifice some lazy pleasures to get the right picture, write the perfect sentence and get that correct post.

A lot of sincerity goes into a post that is sent out into the World Wide Web, yes whatever we are writing it is actually open to all and anyone all over this world can read it, and comment on it. Critique it, talk about it or just forget it, maybe not even read it through! 

Just imagine the responsibility on you, on the words that you write. Obviously one has to be very serious about the words, sentences, paragraphs and posts and about each and every word.

“Choose your words wisely for you never know whose heart is breaking on reading them or whose soul is saved by sharing them.”
Such a big responsibility, so naturally I was quite squeamish when I first decided to write and even more so when I actually had readers commenting on it. Slowly as I decided that blogging and writing was something I wanted to do; a perfect place for expressing myself, just being myself and sharing my thoughts, learning from others and growing.

Joining the A to Z Challenge last year motivated me to write and challenge myself. It also helped me make a lot of blogging friends. Those friends eventually led me to the BAR. Not the drinking variety – I go there on my own, pretty often.

This BAR is Blog – A – Rhythm, a place for sharing successes, clearing doubts, finding answers and asking questions and the support is exceptional. It is the best place to hang out!

Now as I look back on the past year and gear up for change I am not at all squeamish. I know that the BAR & it amazing bartenders have got my back.

Who supports you in your blogging journey?

Have seen the BAR? You just might like it!

This post is written for the : Word Prompt : Squeamish



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