5 Steps to Channeling your Child’s Interest

Delivering What?

You have been hoping to get your child to try that new activity or thing that you think will add to his child’s talent and creativity, but your child is resisting it?

He shows interest in various activities but doesn’t see it through.  Are you frustrated that you kid is indifferent to the many options you keep suggesting to him or her?  I too have faced this issue with my child. I think I have finally found the key to getting him to try and stick to things. It is adding to his growth and learning as well as keep him busy in the holidays.

The key to success is just one word – Passion.


follow your passion

Yes, if you introspect you would realize that anything that you enjoyed or put in the effort was one where your passion also found a place. Your interest and heart/ love is crucial to the success of any action. Most of our projects flop half way through because we lose interest in them. We start with a bang and then just fizzle out. Grand plans that you thought would transform your child into the next child protégée?

Well, if that is not happening the first thing you need to see is the interest you are generating in the said activity. The next is how motivated are you in pursuing and channelling it to the task. As well as being patient and consistent with your child.

I have been watching the matches for the T20 only when India plays and most days my son would crib that he is missing his cartoons and promptly for breaks, I would switch to his channel for a couple of minutes but not at all yesterday.

While we watched the match last night and he was busy reading a book for most of the match. Finally by the time the second last over was being bowled he too was jumping and cheering for India, like me. All this happened after he confirmed with me the reason for my frustrated or elated shouts and screams after each bowl.  This was the same kid who had slept through the previous match!

He was interested, advising and from saying, “Bangladesh will win!” he switched to chanting “India is winning!” by the end of the match. All this change happened because my passion for the game rubbed off on to him over the past months.

It all boils down to passion. Take lessons from cricket. Yes, the match last night was not only another feather in MS Dhoni’s cap but also a perfect example of how your passion can help you succeed. Cricket has another fan and the men in blue are to thank for it.

What was different? How he an ardent supporter now in a space of two days? I realized that it was my passion and interest in the match and cricket that had rubbed off on him. This is the key to success in any activity with our children. Don’t tell but show, has been the mantra for success for many activities and it is relevant for children too.

He may not agree to try something if we tell him to do it but when we show him how it is done, we try it with him then it changes his interest getting him to think it is worth doing. So here are the five simple steps to get your child interested in things:

  1. Create a buzz about the task or activity. When they see it and hear about it, their interest gets piqued.
  2. Follow through with loads of support and guidance. Talking about the activity and clearing their doubts works wonders.
  3. Sustain the interest, appreciate, compliment and be interested in their actions. Keep the passion alive for the activity once your child tries it out.
  4. Give it a couple of days and a few tries before giving up.
  5. Appreciate even if they tried and didn’t succeed. Appreciate that they tried and whatever little they learnt. The kid may go back to it at a later date.

Slow and steady is what works best with kids. They get time to absorb the changes and fresh ideas. As a parent, it gives you a time to plan, channel and execute the activities you want your child to pursue. Now I am off to share with him the virtues of bungee jumping!

Haha!! Just kidding, not so soon he is just 6+!!


  1. the little princess

    With just a couple of days to go before the summer holidays begin, this post is spot on to help me engage my kids in a happy way! Nice articulation!

  2. Rubina Rameshr

    And what are we but slaves to our passion ?:P Very well written post Indy. I have seen the same thing with son. He excels in everything he is passionate about. I try my best to link all his activities to his passion. Its difficult no doubt but if we understand their pov .. it becomes a lot easier.. Clarity don’t know. Easier yes 😀

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