SUNNY! Tales Of SunShine #TOS

SUNNY! Tales Of SunShine #TOS

#TOS is a simple, sweet reminder that life has a silver lining. One might see the dark night but a handful of stars will twinkle back at you. Ten stories each different and fresh, make an ideal short read. All stand alone and packing a punch. These stories with our everyday life as a backdrop will find approval with everyone. They bring out our humane side and the crazy side too. Passion, ambition, emotions, family, friendship, love and life are intertwined in these tales.

Tales of Sunshine Book Cover

As is the norm with Sundari’s books, Tales of Sunshine has a simple, crisp language that gets to the heart of the issue. No unnecessary fluff to distract the reader. It is a fast read as well since the stories are not linked. Each new story makes a fresh start.

I have edited this collection by Sundari Venkatraman so this book, Tales Of Sunshine is special for me but still there were a couple of stories that stand out. I found A Promise Given very relevant and reflective of our times today.

Exam Fever is a lesson for all of us mothers and I am sure I have been like Renu at some point in my life too. (What was I thinking?L)

Until Death Us Do Part is a fact of life for many and the sad reality is these women do not know how to get out. A must read.

The Elephant In The Room is my favourite story and a perfect ending to this collection about us as individuals, as friends and as what we see and think of ourselves.

I recommend this light and fresh read, true to its name it will brighten your day. Grab a little Sunshine!

(I received a copy of the book from the author for beta-reading and editing. This is my honest opinion.)


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Tales of Sunshine Book Cover




Tales of Sunshine is a collection of ten short stories that bring hope.

A Ray of Sunshine is about young Raj who’s terribly upset when many people in his team lose their jobs. But is he able to do anything about it?

A Promise Given is about Sachin, the poor, rich, young man and the pregnant Aparna.

Life Goes out of Control is the story where Preeti, an only child, is a bone of contention between her parents.

Rakesh Nath has slogged throughout his life to become rich, to suffer a massive heart attack at 57. Read Rakesh Nath’s Recovery to find out more…

Exam Fever is about Renu and her anxious mother, Maya. Renu wants to play truant from studies while Maya is terribly worried about her daughter’s exams.

Until Death us do Part is the story of Rekha, the 35-year-old COO of an MNC. She finds love or does she?

Ansh adores his grandfather. But his mother Anu is scared of her son spending time with the Alzheimer patient in Is Grandpa Home?

The Daydreaming Mercenary is Reema. She blows up her sister Rita’s hard-earned money. But are things what they actually seem?

Breaking Free from the Mould is the most difficult thing as a human. With so much pressure from his Grandma, will Aarush pursue his calling?

The Elephant in the Room is in the first person where poor Nandita talks about her friendship with rich Shruti.



Image- Sundari Venkatraman

Tales of Sunshine is the seventh book authored by Sundari Venkatraman. This book is an anthology of human interest stories. Other published novels by the author are The Malhotra Bride, Meghna, The Runaway Bridegroom, The Madras Affair and An Autograph for Anjali—all romances. She also has a collection of romantic short stories called Matches Made in Heaven. All of Sundari Venkatraman’s books have been on Amazon Top 100 Bestsellers in India, USA, UK & Australia many times over.

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  • sundarivenkat
    Posted at 12:35h, 15 June Reply

    Thank you so much Indy. You are the best 😀

    • Inderpreet
      Posted at 18:58h, 18 July Reply

      Anytime Sundari. All the best for the book.

  • Lata Sunil
    Posted at 15:06h, 15 June Reply

    I love the amazing cover. And sounds like a good read.

  • vishalbheeroo
    Posted at 23:49h, 15 June Reply

    Best to Sundari Ma’am. Her book never cease to surprise me. Btw, your first lines is turning out to be true for me:)

    • sundarivenkat
      Posted at 00:02h, 16 June Reply

      Thank you Vishal and glad to hear that you can see the silver lining in your life 🙂

    • Inderpreet
      Posted at 19:00h, 18 July Reply

      Thanks Vishal! All the best to you too. There is always, always a silver lining in life, no matter what. Take care. 🙂

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