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Today I have shared some of my experiences as an army wife with Shalini. She had requested me to write a post for her for the A to Z Challenge. Her theme is the “I am Married to the Olive Green and I’m writing about the 26 things which I get to do/experience that you as a Civilian wife do not!”
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Here is what I had to share……………
Welcoming the new bride into the battalion is an age old tradition that is upheld to the highest standards by the bachelors of the unit and the supportive senior ladies and officers.
Here are a few quirky ways brides are welcomed in the forces – More on her blog – Tale of Two Tomatoes
Now for my post …………..W
Through the month of April I am writing along with 1900 participants for the A to Z Challenge. My theme for the Alphabet Challenge is FEELINGS and FICTION. The happy, sad, funny, silly, envious, over the top and totally low down account of feelings in 100 words of fiction.
paints, colors and artist collage

The room was an artist’s dream come true!

The large table in a corner covered with pens, pencils, and colors of every conceivable shade.

The hues lined up to form multiple rainbows – they attracted him and fueled his creativity.

The table was burdened under a wide range of papers and canvases.

He liked to have choice, an unlimited amount so he could draw whatever he felt like.

His easel stood next to the large window catching the best light of the day.

Each and every aspect of the room radiated an aura of practical efficiency, dedicated to pleasing his Muse.



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    That kind of stationery is absolutely drool-worthy! The whimsical mind would be no doubt inspired by all that! Loved the army wife experiences you shared on your guest post 🙂
    @KalaRavi16 from

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