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Arvind looked up as he heard a squeal followed by giggles. He saw the two most important people in his life from across the room as they both tried to paint the wall with harmony that belied their age. He wanted to join them but he knew that he would not be able to. He sighed and turned back to his laptop trying to make sense of the data in front of him.


He had been doing a lot of his work from home ever since the company had introduced the feature. He enjoyed the flexibility is provided and the fact that he could spend time with his family. His wife and daughter splashed paint on the wall and each other and giggled yet again. He really wanted to join their messy game and smiled at their camaraderie just as Rashi turned and looked at him.

Her smile dissolving into a frown as she saw him watching. They had begged him to join them at least for a little while and help them sketch the images on the wall. His drawing was excellent and it would have meant so much to have a permanent reminder of his on the wall. He had flatly refused, citing urgent work while he had not gone to the office for the past four days and sat with his nose buried in the laptop.

What you don’t know is that I wanted to have a family wall for our child, thought Rashi. It would be my idea, your design and Ria’s colouring. She snapped out of her thoughts as Ria pulled her closer and almost coloured her arm with orange colour on her brush.

He sighed as she turned away. Saddened Arvind thought, what you don’t know is that I want nothing more than to join you both but I cannot with this deadline looming ahead. He went back to punching the keys on his laptop instead recalling all the material he had been sent to process regarding the assignment these past few days.

 What you don’t know is that my promotion is at stake tomorrow he thought and continued to work  as their tinkling laughter soothed his mind.

This post is for the Day 2 of the Bar-A-Thon Challenge

The prompt for today is “What you don’t know”.

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  1. Shilpa Gupte

    Sigh. My heart goes out to all the fathers, who would love to join in the fun,but can’t, as serious issues beckon ! Very cute post, Inderpreet!

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  2. shanayatales

    We all have our sacrifices to make. Some more visible than the others, I think. 🙂

  3. Eloquent Mind

    It’s a difficult world out there. Our parents also needed to work but they also had time to spend with us. As generations evolve, we are bringing back work and staying up all night in front of the laptop while our family waits on us. Wish there was an easier way to balance it all… Loved the narration !

  4. Lata Sunil

    Wow Inderpreet. I am Arvind here. I literally do this everyday of my life. Since I also work from home, 90% of the time this is how life is. I just wish Rashi would understand him a bit more. Sometimes, it is just not possible to ignore work even if the heart wants to.

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