Warrdhan with a W #AtoZChallenge

We have now come to the most difficult letters of the alphabet for the #AtoZChallenge so the chances of having more than one author per alphabet are rather slim. On top of it I am too worried about X. Surly you don’t expect an Indian author by the name X? I am still searching. Do let me know if you find an X author for me.
Today’s author, Harsh Warrdhan has his fingers in a lot of pies & if the success of his book is anything to go by all his pies are doing rather well! I first heard of the book and then the author but I am quite impressed with what I read.  Check out the book and find out.

After completing the prerequisite engineering degree, when Harsh Warrdhan left Nagpur for Los Angeles to study filmmaking, he was expected to win awards and recognition. In reality, the switch to artistic pursuit was just a sneaky move; Columbia College in Hollywood was the only college which would have him. It was the only way he could land in America.
They said one has to make something to be a film maker, just the long curly hair and the customary crusty beard was not enough. And with nothing to show for years, Harsh had to do something. He took up writing. It was a strategic career move.

And perceptions were stacked against him. But perseverance persevered and Harsh has managed to write and direct an American film, has written some crap for TV, and has also managed to convince a hot fiction writer to marry him. They’re awaiting their baby…his next film. Accents be damned, with his first novel ‘When Hari Met His Saali’, Harsh is trying to say ‘ha ha ha’ to them.
To know more click…..  https://harshwarrdhan.wordpress.com/

So here is my choice for W, Who is your favorite? Any one with W that I missed?
I am writing about INCREDIBLE INDIAN AUTHORS for the A to Z Challenge 2015.
Author bio from respective websites and wikipedia. 

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