I choose ARTS to study but did that make me any different, did it define me? Many people like to think so….. Was it a compromise? Especially when people told me that I should have at least taken Commerce! That I went on to do my MBA hardy matters now.

I still hate maths but that is not what I am about. I flash my shiny smart phone often enough and do all the calculations I need, unapologetically!!  

And if a ‘techie’ friend is close by; I put them to task. Utilize your education! Your folks spent a fortune on it!! Guys!

     Things that define me are the things that take on my Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’. 

Why would a woman need to be defined? Men never need labels; they are all that they please and more. Even if they are any less; it still does not define them.

Life is not about compromises but about living. Not just existing but flourishing.

For a woman the burden to bear is that of home, work, play, care and nurture. Not just yourself but your children and the rest of the family. I choose this responsibility because I knew I could justify it and come out a winner under all that pressure. Not because I knew I will have to do these things.

Did I compromise by choosing to work after my Master’s Degree in a woman dominated industry and not the corporate jungle?

Did I make a compromise by not working but being a home maker?

Did I compromise to be a ‘hands on’, full time, stay at home mom?

Did I compromise by working part time as a ‘free-lance writer’ and just a blogger?

Why are the choices of a woman always questioned; the decisions debated and solutions searched?

Everything I do, every single day defines me. I never regretted any of my choices and it sure as hell does not give anyone any reason to question my decisions. It is my life.

Right from the first smile to the last frown; the anger and the laughter & the sadness and the thoughtfulness.

If I choose to take decisions that includes the wishes and happiness of my loved ones;  I am not weak neither am I compromising.

It takes strength and conviction to follow a path that serves not just oneself but our loved ones. I am defined by my choice and passion to see it through.

#UseYourAnd to do each and everything you wish to do. Never stop as the choices are unlimited and you can be whatever you wish for.

Do this ‘OR’ that along with everything ‘AND’ then do some more!

I am not defined but Undefined!

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Images from Pixabay & my own.

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