The Marriage Predicament (The Thakore Royals Book 1)

The Marriage Predicament is a story that is true not just for royalty but across all strata of our society. I loved this book for its topic, a hard-hitting truth in our society, its fast pace and the perfect well-matched main characters.


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The royal customs, the traditions to be followed, the situation where the princess Yashodhara has no option but to submit to an arranged match make life difficult for her. The author, however, has spun a silver lining for her.




Much to her annoyance, the prince, Indrajeet that her mother has found is not a self-absorbed man rather one who pays attention to the little details and actions by the princess. Of course, it was not love-at-first-sight but the slow burn of an everlasting love that stems from being patient and understanding.

Yashodhara is in a fix; her husband actually worries about her and wants her to be free. Her anxiety is obvious as is her hesitation. What I loved about the book was the emotional bonding of the husband and wife. The simple gestures and the love that shone through their troubles make it an endearing read. It does not belittle the important topic of abuse at the hands of relatives.

The Marriage Predicament highlights the dilemma the victim feels, her helplessness, her fear of both the action and the consequences once others know.

The book is a crisp, engaging book by Sundari and I am already reading the second book of the series. Not only has she woven the theme of royal romance in The Marriage Predicament but made it relevant for the masses by highlighting the issue of abuse and rape.

The Marriage Predicament is a well-knit, soft romance that will ensure you read all the other books in the series.


Princess Yashodhara Jadeja of Bhatewar isn’t at all keen to get married. With her tarnished past, she knows that her married life would never be easy. But, between her father’s Will and her mother’s persuasion, she’s left with no choice.

Prince Indrajeet Thakore of Udaipur agrees to meet Yashodhara as a prospective wife after his grandmother, Rajmata Santhini Devi, persuades him. While no cymbals crash at their first meeting, the couple grow to like and respect one another before they agree to tie the knot. 

Both belong to royal families and both have responsibilities. Over and above all that, their marriage is plagued by a predicament, just as Yashodhara had expected. It looks like they can lead a happy married life only if the princess is willing to break a promise. Will she be able to do that? And will Prince Indrajeet continue to love her once he gets to know about her past?


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