The Foreign Travel Bug!!!!

Everyone in our country wants to travel; regardless of where they come from each one of us when asked will tell of a favourite destination and most of the time it will be an exotic far off location abroad. In spite of the fact that our country is larger, beautiful and more vibrant than many nations put together.
What lures an individual to foreign shores…..much to the chagrin of people like me who have visited so many states and still feel that there is so much to explore. In my travels, over the years I find that the catch phrase coined by the Indian tourism department ‘incredible India’ is wholly accurate. If we try to compare our country for natural beauty whether for mountains or the beach or the lovely undulating plains, even the ever magical desert our nation has it all.
From the exotic to the mystical or the sublime I could write up a list that is never ending. Our country can even top it off with it being a preferred location for medical tourism. It is only in the eyes of our own country men and women that all these beautiful sights and sounds fall short. Even if they head over to an island which is a size smaller than our union territories at least they have the mark on their passport and pictures standing in strange places.   All this is exotica so it sells.
To not explore is like being blind to all that the world has to offer but I only ask that first look around your own countryside and then travel to places beyond. Truly the world is our oyster but in order to appreciate its true beauty, we must first find exceptional things to compare it with.
If one wants to be truly amazed and delighted then a visit is must to at least a few of these places………. Andaman’s, Rameshwaram, Leh, Kashmir valley, Puri, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, The Valley of Flowers, which is so famous because popular actors visit the Ananda spa nearby. These are just the north and south but we all know the beautiful East…Shillong-the Switzerland of India, Darjeeling and whole of east with its amazing culture and bio-diversity is a vivid reminder of the unity in diversity of India.
The Lonely Planet book, as well as the magazine, has done wonders to boost tourism in our country and make it easier for the world to visit us. It is a boon for frequent travellers like me who like to wander off into the interiors or the ‘road less travelled’ many a time. Technology too comes forth for our support to explore our county and we find internet and phones everywhere, they all encourage us to pursue our dream.
For people bitten by the wanderlust, there is no excuse now to overlook our own county and  travel to foreign shores, do it only if you want to visit Disneyland because everything else is here…..


  1. Lata Sunil

    Rightly said.. while the whole world is coming to India, we are looking for foreign options. Here, we have something for everyone.. but guess, this is a case of ‘ghar ki murgi daal barabar’.

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