The Food Revenge Book Review

This book talks about the importance of food and how little children love throwing and playing with food.
Learning and growing go together but sometimes food needs to intervene to teach a lesson to these naughty twins.
My son and I really enjoyed reading this book and leaning about not throwing food. It is a perfect bedtime read, short and sweet.
In one sentence it says that the twins are given half a toast and my 5 year old could not find a picture of half a toast so he asked me not to read it as half a toast or half a tomato.
Either the text has to be edited or the picture as we could not find half a slice of any food.
It is just the observation of a kid who takes his stories very seriously. 
We loved the food and vegetables marching away and discussing.
The twins learned their lesson and so do all who read the book about the value of food.

Book Description

 January 7, 2014  1 – 3  K – K
Emma and Ethan the twins, love to throw their food on the floor, every meal. Mom and Dad are very angry, but that does not bother Emma and Ethan that continue to throw food on the floor. The potato tired of this, the tomato tired of this and even the cheese tired! What will do the potato, tomato, cheese, bread, egg and pie ……??? This book is for children, age 2-4. 
“Oh my gosh, these pictures are so cute and what a great idea, every parent has problems with the food going where it is not suppose to. When the town’s food comes alive to teach an important lesson the story finishes with a triumphant ending. Beautiful writing and illustrations make for a great fun book that kids will love!”

Yael ManorAbout the Author                       

I’m 61 years old, a math teacher for 35 years in high school, coach, mother of four children and grandmother of two.
Two of my children are twins – a son and daughter and my grandchildren are also twins – a boy and girl. It was only natural for me to use my imagination on my experiences with twins.
(I got a copy of the book from and the review is my own.)


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