The Cure Was Love – Definitely!!

With the arrival of the New Year I read the latest romance by the very graceful, talented and word wizard Reet Singh.  I was excited to read this book as it had been receiving rave reviews and the blurb along with the Hero called Rudy was giving me tickles in my tummy, if you know what I mean 😉

I wanted to meet the good doctor Rudy Bhatnagar as soon as possible & I was not disappointed! He is handsome, cultured, sophisticated, kind and a gentleman. He is effortlessly hot is an added plus 😉

He saves our gal Simmi and it is sizzling chemistry all the way.  Simmi is a perfect match for him, sassy, confident, pretty, emotional, sweet and so vivacious.

These two have enough substance in them to make the novel a best seller on their own but Reet has managed to add some lovely elements that make it a well loved book, one that I will be reading again. PS: I have shared this book with my Mom too, who is a diehard fan of M&B and introduced to me to this absolutely perfect genre of books ages ago.

Beautiful Words from a Beautiful Person.

Add to that a family full of loving and understanding members and you have a winner all the way. The family adds to the charm of the book, making it a well balanced and well rounded read. I especially loved Simmi’s father – a perfect old school army man!  His own love story would be a delight to read as was the little insights Reet shared about him!

If it is a book by Reet then I don’t even need to bother about editing, grammar, sentence construction etc as her writing style is natural and very charming. She uses her language to add to the charm and strength of the book making it such a smooth read that I always wish that I had read the book slower. But no luck there as the book pulls in the reader and it is hard to put down!!

The Cure Was Love was as close to a Medical Romance I got after a really long time and just loved it!!  Eagerly waiting for the next one Reet; what surprise do you have in store for us?


For three months, Simi Gill gets to do what she loves – train to be a doctor and learn more about medicine. As a bonus, she gets to forget about the shallow boyfriend who dumped her, and worse, who hurt her. Living it up in New York, far from her home in India, she is saved by the delicious Rudy Bhatnagar, not once, but two times in one night!
A talented surgeon with a heart of gold, Rudy can’t stop himself from thinking about Simi Gill. He tries very hard – for having had his heart broken before, he’s not sure he can risk it again. But fate has other plans. Thrown together by bizarre circumstances, they survive booze and babysitting with aplomb. Will they realize they’re perfect for each other or will they let precious love slip through their fingers?


Reet has a romantic soul, partly genetic but certainly attributable to the romantic fiction she devours by the kilo. When she’s not watching romcoms, or doing creative things with wool and a crochet hook, or playing Scrabble, she can be found in the kitchen putting together her ‘world-famous’ one-pot meals.
Married for three decades, her prototypical tall, handsome, and sensitive hero-husband still makes her heart skip a beat. Writing about love and happy endings feeds her romantic soul; hearing from her readers thrills her.

Having a mother that read to her, she paid it forward, telling bedtime stories to her sons and nieces until they grew too old too fast. As a reaction to them growing up before she knew what was happening, she began writing for older children, and has published children’s books on Amazon, for Kindle.


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