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This month of love and romance starts with the review of a book by the Indie queen of Indian Romance! Check out Sundari Venkatraman’s Books here!

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Taurus temptation is the third book in the Written in the Stars series by Sundari. This book is fast-paced with well-drawn strong characters and a contemporary storyline.

Young and talented Vidyut breaks out of the grind to start his own coffee shop but his fiancé, Janani finds it crazy. The disconnect leads to a broken engagement but the successful coffee shop leads to a new love interest.

Enter Haasini with her quirky charm, vivacious energy that makes the bull take notice. However, he feels she is too young for him; a once engaged man. She not only shows him otherwise but delights him with her passion and persistence.

Haasini and Vidyut embody the bold, new generation with their ideals, actions and decisions. Both are successful and know their mind, another reason the two click. The passion that unites them brings confusion and clashes as well.

However, the determined bull leaves no stone unturned to unite with his mate. The sweet spot in the tale is when the parents help the lovers fix their disagreements. Taurus Temptation deals with the stigma of broken engagements, runaway kids and big age difference in couples—all issues rendered impotent by Sundari’s expert narration.

Taurus Temptation is a simple romance handling complex issues, I enjoyed this romance for its different choices. Out of the box careers, life choices that don’t follow mainstream and love that binds it all.

Pick Taurus Temptation for a book that breaks the norms and builds the love! Another charmer by Sundari Venkatraman.

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Vidyut has a broken engagement behind him. But being the typical Taurus that he is, he isn’t fazed when his fiancée from the arranged match hands his ring back to him.

Into his life walks in Haasini, a successful entrepreneur in her own right. The Cancer woman brings a powerful dose of joie de vivre into the serious bull’s staid existence.

While the café owner struggles not to fall for the beautiful young lady, all because of the fact that she’s eight years his junior; he’s unable to help himself as his heart refuses to listen to his logical mind. While she has no qualms about admitting her feelings for him.

Just when things seem to fall in place for the couple, trouble brews from unexpected quarters, tearing them apart as it brings to the fore the jealous nature of the Cancer. While the bull moos loudly, the crab attempts to scuttle away.

Read the book to find out if they will ever find the happiness that Destiny is keen to bring to the Taurus man and Cancer woman.

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