Stories That Remain Untold by Gajinder Oberoi

STORIES THAT REMAIN UNTOLD is a collection of bittersweet stories that evoke both emotions and empathy. The author has showcased the helplessness and loss faced by the common man; tinged with sadness these stories have life lessons for all of us.

A collection of eleven stories that share the dark side of life faced by the unsuspecting common man. Each story spins a tale that pulls you in and leaves you stumped with the finale and even wiser to the willful ways of man.

The author writes in a clear, easy manner and shares a slice of life of the ‘person next door’ kind of stories. I found all the stories had an emotional connect but yes, the dark side of humanity is highlighted. Makes us realize the fight of good over evil is never-ending.

A Fallen Hero starts with the tale of a boy waiting for his school result but it defines the fear that surrounds our young ones. Terrorism has no face and it manifests both at home and outside. Studies and his sanity are both at stake and how the youth are an easy target for the nefarious both on the inside and outside of the law.

The Last Salute is the story of a retired army officer and the helplessness he feels in the face of greedy officials for his rightful money. The twist in the tale is how he outwits the greedy official but the cost to his pride is immeasurable. The other story about a soldier is Vanishing Frontiers. It is about a soldier’s eulogy of his dying moments with the enemy. Life and its vendetta feel meaningless when the end is upon us—a heart-wrenching tale.

Forgotten Sunrise shares the view of morning walks, with Ruff and Ron’s adventure. The bond people share, the connections made, the voiceless animals, and the humans who live with them. In fact, the book talks about animals, pets, a tree, and a lobster and how they are easily dispensed off for human greed. 

Death of a Tree God is a reflection of our greed, materialistic world. No one is spared or indispensable in the need for more money. Be it a tree or a child.

The Feast is equally macabre detailing the demise of a lobster. Both stories prove that greed will find a way to justify the need to kill, pillage, and still want more.

A little boy’s struggle to find his mother among the stars and meaning among the living. My Home is in the Stars reminds us that even though we are all humans yet we find ways and reasons to discriminate and kill. Religion, color, culture, species—anything will do if we want to kill.

Living in Afterlife reminded us to live before we die. A man trying to die peacefully only to realise how precious life actually is. Especially when we are about to lose it.

A local called Tomas finds attachment and solace with an expat family after having lost his own. An Angel Warrior was a tale I found very endearing and sweet. However, he may feel the reality is reflected in the final line of the story. Not everyone has equal value.

How you look at the world around you reflect back in your life. Mirroring A Smile tells the importance of keeping a positive mindset even in the face of adversity. A simple fact most of us forget.

A boy looking for the grandeur and riches within an elusive wish. The Ravana’s Third Rib is a story of hope and despair and the futility of impossible fantasies encouraged by blind faith.

STORIES THAT REMAIN UNTOLD by Gajinder Oberoi evoke a sigh with their thought-provoking humane angle. A recommended read for an evening to ruminate on our choices.


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A collection of bittersweet stories that ring with compassion, understanding and empathy. Written by a medical professional, Gajinder Oberoi, over several decades and stowed in dark drawers, these stories were brought to light when Covid-19 meant a break in his clinical work. With time to revisit his writing, Oberoi has produced a book where each story spins a tale that pulls you in, leaves you stumped with the finale and wiser to the wilful ways of man.

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