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STORIES OF US The Common Man Changing Perceptions by Bobby Sachdeva are a collection of incidents and events in the lives of the common man, the family next door or the poor kid you see on the footpath. These stories unearth the simple truths of life and try to find kindness, humanity, love and integrity in people.                   

A few of the stories really stand out for their brutal truth. They will shake you since they are just plain truths. The language is simple, flows well with the incidents of the story. These are a collection of 41 stories of varying length but a similar message.

Stories like Vastu Shastra, Street Hooker, Notebandi, When God Spoke, Garbage Collector, Pagli – The Crazy Girl, Shor – The Noise and Wish to be a Dog were the ones that had a strong message. #StoriesOfUs shows us how every day simple events from our lives affect us and those around us. How a small selfish act by a person can destroy many lives.

#StoriesOfUs reflect our lifestyle, our lives today. How selfish, materialistic and conniving we have become. Even our own parents, loved ones are not important, forget about another human being. Sad truths but these need to spoken about.

We need to bring change, be kind, have gratitude and love for all beings. Not just be bothered about the money and success but about being a good person. Bobby manages to convey his thoughts well, makes us think and evaluate our choices. Showing the mirror to the society, the author has conveyed his message with stories like GST and The Small Man. Many stories felt like we have heard of these instances, the troubles mentioned almost too real.

What Works in Stories of Us:

  • Very relatable stories.
  • A peek inside our lives.
  • The book is like seeing a mirror, a reflection of us.
  • The stories are short and crisp. No fluff to distract.
  • Beautiful illustrations to match the stories.


Some Slips in Stories of Us

  • A few of the stories are too simplistic.
  • Development of characters could be better.

#StoriesOfUs is a fast read since there are small stories and the illustrations at the beginning of the story tempt the reader to read more. Stories of Us is filled with nuggets of wisdom and empathy. This book is an easy read and stories for every season and reason.


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STORIES OF US by Bobby Sachdeva

Does saving your family’s honour trump personal happiness? Will the god be appeased if you overfeed him and not help the needy? Will the law protect the stray dog that tears an eight-year-old into shreds? Is a deceased manual scavenger just another statistic who risks his life for a cleaner future?

In the voice of the common man, Bobby Sachdeva questions our everyday practices in an unorthodox manner in #StoriesOfUs. From Rishi to Parth or Lata to Rajnath, the hard-hitting and honest narratives are sure to inspire the common person to rethink the values long etched in our belief system.

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  2. Shalzmojo

    I too have received this one for a review and looking forward to reading it through. Your review is pretty balanced and fair by the sound of it.

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