Soaring Swiftly :RAPID FALL by Adiana Ray

Rapid FallRapid Fall
Adiana Ray

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had received a copy of the book from Indireads when I had expressed my interest in the novella about love while rafting in Rishikesh.

It had been sitting on my laptop for a while and I started reading it in the evening and before I knew it half of it was over; mind you I was enjoying every page.

The fast paced novella is true to its name Rapid Fall; Rapid because you want to eagerly turn the next page to know more and Fall because by the end of the book you are in love with the characters and the writer.

The story line is simple much like most romantic fiction – boy meets girl but what sets it apart is the way it is narrated. As the story that unfolds and you get to read about the apprehensions of JD as well as Sonia. Adiana has been very candid in her writing;
she has made the characters very realistic, showing their flawed personalities and insecurities.

Sonia as the feisty lady who knows her mind reminded me of the strong women we see so much today. A girl who knows her mind and is not afraid to show it. JD the hero is so real, cool confident, sexy and conflicted at the same time. The sparks fly every time the two of them interact and I ended up wishing that the book should have been longer than a novella.

The friends, the description of rafting are all quite realistic and all of it comes together to make a good read.

I highly recommend this for a perfect weekend read.

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