Simran Steals The Show – NIGHTS IN PINK SATIN by Anita Shirodkar

With a suggestive name and racy storyline I was eager to read Nights in Pink Satin and even though I did not find any ‘pink satin’ in the book, there was definitely a lot going on! The story is unique as it has another story within that keeps the momentum going. The repercussions of what Simran writes make most of the story and the subsequent confusion and confessions that follow. Add to that scheming friends and relatives who add fuel to fire!
Simran, the beautiful, talented, young and a bit naive is the hero of this book. She carries the book on her delicate shoulders. A devoted daughter who actually listens to her elders! Tania who is the ex-girlfriend who doesn’t want to be an ex, causes most of the worries along with Mr Raichand senior making a wreck out of the gentle Simran. Part her writing, part her hesitation to share her writing lands her into trouble.
In the glittering, false and totally phoney uber rich society that she moves into and makes sense of it with her honesty, integrity and youthful innocence. She tries to keep her writing a secret and it all backfires but the fun is in the tale as it all unfolds. There were a few close calls, making it difficult to stop reading.
The surprise champion of the book was Siddarth Raichand, Simran’s husband who shone like a star after the initial drab moments when he too is trying to find his spot in all the financial fiascos! Halfway through the book, I wanted to kick him! He was behaving typically like the selfish men we all abhor but what a comeback thus guy made! I found his character well written and executed. He is the link that connects all the missing pieces in the story.
The book gives a glimpse into the Page 3 glitterati and manages to keep the reader hooked. The story had its share of twists and turns but nothing too dramatic. No controversies, no scandals or anything to really give a peek into the decadent lifestyle of the rich and famous. I felt a bit disappointed there but then, this book was not the Page 3 newspaper 😉
I found the book a fast read, the events even though were a bit predictable because so much of the story was already in the blurb but still kept the interest going in spite of it being a very tame read. With the title of the book and the storyline, I had expected a bit more fireworks, and some lust filled pages! Not that they take away anything from the book, in fact, the racy discussions are so tastefully done they add to the story.
I found Karan Goenka and Aishni were two supporting characters that I really liked and enjoyed reading about. The best part of the book for me was the numerous characters and all of them well developed; little nuggets of information about them made them more believable & the story more enjoyable because of them.
Nights in Pink Satin is a story of a young girl finding her place and finding her calling. Anita has penned her with so much love that it flows through the book making your heart beat for Simran, shed a tear with her and smile with her. If you are looking for that perfect girl, look no further she is here –Simran in Nights in Pink Satin.
(I got a copy of the book from Fingerprint Publishing in exchange for my honest review)
Book Blurb
What happens when a heartbroken newly-wed girl writes an erotic, sexually charged story based on a cougar she knows?
Simran Dandekar, the pretty daughter of a rich construction magnate from Nagpur, marries Siddharth, the good-looking scion of the Mumbai-based Raichand family, only to find out that her marriage is nothing more than a financial transaction, her husband is still not over his last heartbreak, and that the high society Mumbai which she has married into is a cesspool of extramarital affairs and torrid sexual encounters!
Not one to shy away from taking inspiration when and where she finds it, Simran soon writes a spectacular tale of love and lust, even as she struggles hard to find both in her married life. But things spiral out of control when the anonymously published risqué potboiler becomes an instant best-seller. Just as her relationship with her husband begins to bloom, the controversial ‘Nights in Pink Satin’ threatens to bring her down!
Will Simran’s literary aspirations bring her rewards, or bring her into disaster zone? Join Simran in Nights in Pink Satin, a warm, colourful story set in Mumbai’s high society with entirely believable characters.

Anita Shirodkar
In her words………….Before becoming a writer, I spent twenty years in advertising as an Art Director, looking for creative ways to sell everything from colas to candy and ice creams to face creams. I worked in advertising agencies in India and abroad till the claims of motherhood became more demanding than the excitement of the ad world, and I decided to spend more time at home with my daughter and son. I am now a creative consultant to Tamarind, a Destination and Event Management Company, which gives me the opportunity to indulge my passion for travel. I have spent a lot of time travelling and absorbing all kinds of world cuisine, which led to a spate of food writing and a recipe book I ghostwrote for a nutritionist. Along the way, I discovered there was a world beyond graphic design, and ventured seamlessly into writing fiction. My first novel was published last year. I live partly in Mumbai and partly in Dubai, where I manage a company. My interests include painting, photography, cooking, meditation, and spiritual pursuits.

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