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She was dressed so smartly, looking so well and I felt so good to meet her after so many years.
As I went and met her, she met me like a stranger….
Every time you met her, it was like you met her for the first time. 
Introducing yourself again and again and sometimes she would reply, of course, I remember you. Did she really?
At times she would look at my kid and ask whose child is that? 
Such a cute kid and you would smile and reply only for her to look at something else, trying to remember, trying to catch that elusive thought.
She just sat with a dazed expression, looking at things and people but not really looking.
Suspended forever in the misty and mysterious mind; remembering yet forgetting.
She had lost so much, seen so much pain &  lost a young son; 18 and handsome.
Mamma’s pet and Papa’s pride; he was the light and shine of their lives.
“She had lost so much, it is a blessing she has lost her memories”, they said.
“She had stopped remembering things”, they said.
“She has forgotten herself, how can she remember you?” they asked.
What of the days when she does remember, crying again, mourning anew for the sorrows long past?
Who will remind her she grieved already, many times over………
Will she remember to not shed a tear; if you remind her what a tear is?
She is looking good but does she know…………….?

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