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**I am NOT accepting requests for book reviews at this time. If you are keen for an immediate review, it shall have to be a commissioned review.**

My passion – books has got us here today. I love reading and reviewing the books I read.
If you ask me for a review I will try my best to take time out for it and review it – only if it interests me. Please no shameless self publicity and non- stop requests.
I write what I feel and I write on my own terms so if there is something really amiss I shall mention it. Don’t worry I shall sugarcoat it as I am a positive person and like to share the good things rather than dwell on the negatives.
There is  a  section of my blog called ‘Author Answers’ so you can request for an Author Interview  or a book spotlight for your book. Mail me for further details.
Till then, keep writing, keep editing. Bad grammar has killed a lot many good stories.

You can mail me at  for any further queries.

(PS : Please DO NOT send copies of your books in mail, I shall not read / review them.)

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