Red Velvet Birthday Cake #Doughlicious

Birthday is a big occasion for everyone and more so for a child. Recently I ordered a cake for my son’s birthday for a small celebration at home ahead of the big friends and relatives party. (Ok, it was in May and I now find the time to post this. Blame it on the summer holidays.)

I had ordered a smaller cake for a home celebration from Doughlicious  and it was Red velvet with chocolate cover. The cake was beautiful, just like I wanted it and was so tasty. The inside of the cake was a bit on the magenta side rather than red but the taste compensated for it. Everyone loved it, we hardly got a second helping!

Red velvet Cake collage

I found the cake almost exactly as I had requested them. The delivery was on time and the only issue was that they did not write the name Optimus on the cake as requested. This was for my son’s seventh birthday. These small details make all the different but I was saved since I had not told my son that I would get it written so he did not feel let down.
Overall a good, tasty and well-made cake but there is still some scope for improvement for Doughlicious  4 out of 5 stars.
I have rated them at Zomato as well. Anywhere else I should do it as well?
What do you think, is it not a bit on the magenta side instead of red?


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  1. Parul Thakur

    I love red velvet cake. The one with cheese frosting. Can never get bored with that one. Yours looks yum. Yes a bit dark magenta than red but it’s the taste that matters 😉
    Belated birthday wishes to your son!

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