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I had ordered this compact table from Pepperfry after a lot of search and checking out various sites. I am happy I chose them and was quite pleased with the prompt delivery. The table was well packed in foam and cardboard ensuring there was no damage or scratches.

I was impressed with the fine finish of the table top, the color and built as per specifications and as shown in the picture. The folding legs are very sturdy and solid with no rough ends. I have been using this Compact study table for myself as well as my son sometimes and we find very useful and handy.


Light weight, easy to fold, it is truly compact as I take it with me from room to room as I move. This compact table is big enough for my laptop which was the main purpose of buying this product.

While studying a couple of books can be easily kept on it as well as for writing or drawing occasionally.

I do find the metal legs a bit rough around the folds and the edges could have been more smooth. I have scratched my hand a couple of times but not to badly. This is the only thing I found not upto mark.

Lastly, we use it for eating food in the bedroom sometimes and it has no stains or scratches in spite of many spills.

I am very happy with this table making it an ideal companion for my blogging, especially at night in the cozy comfort of my bedroom.

Rating Compact Study Table in Beige Colour by RVF


(This is my honest review for a product I bought.)

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