POPCORN by Monique Bucheger #Bookreview

Popcorn is a sweet, delightful picture book for little kids and the charming story it tells of the twins from the Ginnie West Series one of whom gets hungry at night. Like all little children she too thinks she is old enough to make food. What follows is so cute and funny. This is the fifth book I have read by Monique and I find her writing and story line so relevant for our children. Like the other books, this one too has a message as well as a wonderful story.
Trying not disturb her parents Ginnie and her brother Toran get into the kitchen and try to make their favorite Popcorn Balls. What follows is a funny tale of Popcorn overflow. I found the story quite sweet, reminding me of my kid when he was a handful 3-year-old, trying to be a big boy sometimes and baby other times. Not that he is any less naughty now.
As I have read the four novels about Ginnie and her brother set when they are older I found this tale so endearing. To see them with their parents as kids and with their mother and how adorable they were is so heartwarming since I had really enjoyed the Ginnie West Series – all four books!
A storybook that can entertain and guide a child is always treasured and Popcorn does just that. The language is simple, easy to follow and young kids who have just started reading will love it and Ginnie’s adventure too. The pictures and Illustrations enhance the story line and the bright colors and beautiful detailing makes it a delight to read. This book is a perfect bedtime read and makes for a quick easy picture book with a lesson for the little ones.
(I received a copy of the book from the author, this is my unbiased, honest review.)

When hunger wakes little Ginnie from her dreams she sets out to make herself a midnight snack. Hilarity and trouble ensues as she wrecks the kitchen in her attempts to make homemade popcorn balls. This is a delightful addition to the middle-grade series The Ginnie West Adventures, featuring Ginnie at age 12.

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