Offended #atozchallenge

Due to ill health, I was unable to post on time but I am trying to get back on track. Hopefully slow and steady should work for me. So here is the post for the alphabet O.



Through the month of April, I am writing along with 1900 participants for the A to Z Challenge. My theme for the Alphabet Challenge is FEELINGS and FICTION. The happy, sad, funny, silly, envious, over the top and totally low down account of feelings in 100 words of fiction.


Street in front of house, lamps, girl standing.
Offended #atozchallenge #feelings #fiction


Anne sat quietly in her chair facing the door and looked ahead out the window, pretty pointless since all she could see was the dark night and the porch light.

She slowly started humming a tune and tapped her nails on the armrest. The room was quiet except the sound of her humming and fidgeting.

After a while at the turn of the door knob she stopped  and she waited for the door to open.

Henry, startled on seeing her spoke first, “Not again! Mom!! I told you I will be late!”

“Not this late, Henry Hemsworth!!” Anne replied icily.


Here are the feelings I explored!















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  8. Lata Sunil

    Moms do such crazy stuff.. My mom would remain hungry too and then make us feel guilty about having a good time. Why didnt they just go to sleep?

  9. XmasDolly

    Oh yes, I remember it well. I came up with this great idea. When my children went out I handed them a quarter it was to use for a phone call. Instead of getting grounded they could call me and say “Ma, I’m still breathing I shall be home shortly”, if they were going to be late. My son is 41 yrs. old now and he still calls me at least once a month and says, “Hi Mom, I’m breathing. I love you”. He’s a good boy.

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