My Mom is on #SocialMedia and I love it!!

Yes, you read it right, I am truly happy about it; in fact I am the one who urged her to get online and explore the social media. Most parents do not even come to know that they are being fed curated or edited news feeds from their children! Yes, it happens more often than you care to believe. Nothing like this here, alright I may be almost over the age that I have to keep double lock, triple passwords for my data but still it’s not all roses. She is active on Google+ , Facebook and of course Whatsapp.
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Usually you get to read on the posts and thoughts about how funny, silly and usually embarrassing it is for children to have parent in their social network – even if they are quite restricted! I cherish and enjoy my interaction with my mom on Facebook. 
Here’s why –
1. We are connected even at odd hours – just a message away. Even though we stay close by or if I am in another city the network keeps us connected. I may not be able to call but to send a message takes but a moment.
2.   New friends, avenues and ideas keep her mind active. Aging leads to memory loss and the need to stimulate our minds is paramount. The Facebook is one of the easiest places to do it. Even if she is making my friends her friends, they always have the choice to say no.
3.  The melting pot of latest news about close and distant relatives keeps her in the loop. – did you ever know, what is your third cousin from your maternal aunts’ daughter doing? Thanks to FB now we do.
4.  It gives her scope to vent, share and feel connected to this fast changing world. Not always does one feel happy and chirpy or have a loved one around to share. For those days when the blues strike, Facebook comes to her rescue when a loved one is not around. She can just flow with the news feed and forget her problems for a while.
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5.    It makes her miss her kids and grand kids less. It is not a substitute for the real thing but instant updates, cute pictures and following what we all are doing helps all of us be more close knit, aware and missed a tiny bit less. And yes she is well versed with the privacy settings.
6.  She learnt to use a smart phone a few years ago and our two year old takes it for granted. She is learning new things and going Back to Basics even at 60+ and keeps that brain sharper and active.
7.  There is no such thing as an information overload. Retired and relaxed she can spend as much or as little time as she wants on Facebook. No guilt for missing out on work and the added advantage of finding something new all the time.
8.  She gives me the first unbiased and critical opinion about my blog posts. Yes, she is an English honors student and I am not. Since she pretty much taught me how to write so I respect her opinion. Some great posts and ideas have come from our conversations.
It is not all smooth and super while we are online together on Facebook especially when she hijacks my conversations but still when I she her reading, sharing and enjoying herself, all by herself I feel content that in today super fast, time crunched life she is not being left behind. 
Gives me hope that she is stepping into the future linked to me and the GenNext. Now if only I could get her to warm up to Twitter!!
Tell me are any of your parents on the social media with you? 
How do you feel about the need to be connected to your family and parents? 
Would you open the social media for your parent?
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