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This book, More Unfairy Tales is on old, popular, ever-loved Fairy Tales. It is a retelling of the old fairy tales that the children have always enjoyed. No one who reads would not have read them.

 I found the stories in More Unfairy Tales very interesting and different. This time the author has chosen five stories that are not all sweet and nice like the earlier ones nor are they extremely popular.

This is the second book of the fairy tale series and even though the stories are not related and we can read this book without having read the first one.

It will be a lot more fun if you read part one of Unfairy Tales because it gives you the idea of how the author has delved into the stories. 

The five stories of this book are not all sweet and nice in fact the trademark of these on fairy tales is the dark side of the Human Nature or the nature.

The stories highlight how the issue or incident can be totally different once we look at that look at it from a different person’s point of view end.

I found the story of Rapunzel the most interesting one of how the auto connected all the doors ensure that he has remained true to the original story but the retailing has added a twist to it.

All five stories make a good, introspective read. Pick this book, More Unfairy Tales no matter what your age and don’t forget to read the first part.


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A knight rescues a damsel in distress. They marry, the whole kingdom rejoices, and everyone lives happily ever after. The end.

Or at least that’s what Official sources say. But what tales do insiders tell? What secrets lie buried deep inside Davey Jones’ Locker?

What, dear reader, about The Unfairy tales?

The stories the Knight-in-Shining-Armour and the Damsel-in-Distress have never wanted you to know. Tales which Fairyland had kept locked up in secret and thrown away the key. Until our rogue bard went back in time and ferreted out skeletons hidden within secret cupboards of desolate mansions.

Our fearless crusader of truth and justice brings to you the second volume of revelations from fairyland.

You will find five more unfairy tales hidden within the pages of this tiny tome, the sequel to Carthick’s Unfairy Tales. Stories of elves out to decipher the ways of men and dwarves seeking to reclaim their own histories. Of spurned witches and lost wolves. These stories are going to change everything you have ever believed about fairyland and give you a peek underneath the gossamer threads of glamour and magic peddled by the Fae.


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