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Military Headquarters Of War : Shopping & much more!
The places Indian army takes you are unlimited, both in their diversity and scope. Mhow stands apart in my mind as a shopper’s paradise because of its simple markets and the amount of variety available. 

We have the most famous Shadow work, Smocking, Chanderi & Maheshwari, Baag prints, Leather and lots of variety in linen and curtains too.

I have been too many known shopping destinations in India, like Jodhpur, Bhatinda, Amritsar, Dibrugarh/Tinsukhia, Wellington, Nasik to name a few but fresh from my recent trip to Mhow and after repeated requests from my friends for the details and from the shopkeepers to, ‘do send more of your friends’ I am penning down my favorite haunts and also those which are popular with others within Mhow and nearby Indore.

Let me start with the basic one……eating out. The options within Mhow are quite limited. I broaden my list to include Indore too.

1. Relish– it’s the best burger this side of town and caters for both vegetarian and non veg. You must be there early because it is sold out by 9 pm. It is on 40, Malwa Complex, near dreamland cinema, next to juice shops. Opposite Amber restaurant.

2.  Ashiayana– located inside War College caters to good Indian, Chinese and has a bar too!

3. Milan – located inside MCTE it has a bar and a swimming pool.

4. Shangri-la – it is located inside Infantry School and is next to the movie hall. So you can drink and catch a movie.

5. Col Uphaar –It is a restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating and swings & slides for kids. Decent food options too.

6. Monalisa Bakery – at Malwa complex caters for birthday cakes too.

7. Bhawari lal sweets – the best sweet shop in Mhow with its desi ghee kachori’s and jaleebi’s.

On route to Indore……….restaurants and more.

   1.   Red maple mashal – Great restaurant and buffet. 12 or so kms from MHOW.
    2.   Chef’s Alcove – Dishes prepared by the chef when u order, plus you get to sit in his porch and interact with him.

   3.   Celebrations – The best bakery in Indore also offers yummy veg fast food and chats along with the mouth watering pastries and cakes. It has 3 branches in Indore. One en route to Indore with slides for kids and one on AB road.

 4.     Radisson Blu –If u like to eat out in style this is the place to go, awesome buffet, great Chinese and Indian. Excellent service. @94 Ring road, Indore.

5. Sayaji – The tried and tested place to be with its bowling alley, disco, and kebab joint. A bit over crowded though the Indian buffet is good.

6.     KFC, Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut etc – All the fast food joints are available on the main AB road Malls or MG road malls. Treasure Island, C2 mall, Malahar Mall, Pantaloons, Westside and Shopperstop to name a few.

7.     Café – The café is the place for the college crowd but the food it totally great with lots of variety and good service. It is open till 2 am.

8.     Nafees – Seems to have lost it chef who was famous for it mouth-watering cuisine of kebabs and tikkas.

The next thing left is shopping.
I start with the simple stuff first…..

1.     Balaji collection – The one stop shop for all your major shopping in Mhow. This one stocks everything, even those maheshwari saris and duppata’s for which one goes to the maheswar village. The shop is well stocked for the most popular Dohar sets and various types of double and single bed sheets. Sari’s, suits and material too is available in mind boggling variety.

2.     Raj Kumar Mills 1 and 2 – These two also cater to similar stuff; do check out for more options still. One is in the beginning of the market the other towards the end.

3.     Stitch well – Another shop with the same variety and choices. All three are opposite each other in the main market.

4.     Shadow work –The most popular embroidery from Mhow, it’s widely available in various shops but two are most popular outlets. One can order the sari or suit even sheets of your choice with amazing designs.

a.     Shobna Shadow work, Shop no 7, Signal vihar shopping complex.

b.     Manju Shadow work, swimming pool complex.

c.      Most of the shops in the main mhow market also retail lots of patterns and designs of shadow work.

6.     Smocking dresses and night suits – Most of the cloth shops and Balchand at the beginning of the market.

7.     Siddhi Vinak materials – The shop is a wholesale dealer and has lots of material from exports. The enterprising lady can get quite a bargain for curtains, sheets and home accessories. They also make stuff to order as per your requirements.

8.     Abha collection – This is the place to go for designer blouses and saris, suits and lehngas from Bombay and Calcutta. She even keeps ready to fit blouses.

  9. Tata Rafael leather outlet and factory – The factory is in Dewas, a small town about two and a half hours away from Mhow. The factory is huge and makes purses, jackets, shoes, and boots for exporting to various very famous brands abroad. One needs to get the timing right for this because sometimes they do not have much stuff as production is on and one had to wait for a couple of weeks for new stuff.

10.     Christian Convent – This is also a much sought after place for exclusive embroidery designs, it’s near the Army Hospital. The stuff is expensive as well as takes time to be made, so order well in advance.

  11.  Global – This an outlet for really good western stuff, be it skirts, jeans, trousers, tops etc, etc. It is in the beginning of the market, Opposite ICICI Atm.

   12. Soni Art Gallery – This is recommended by art lovers and those of you interested in painting can visit and place orders.

I am sure apart from the above mentioned things to do and shop in and around MHOW; there is lots more to do. Please feel free to mention it to me and I will add to this as much as I can. 

Hope it helps all my shopaholic friends;) because it made me feel good writing and just thinking about all the shopping I did. ENJOY!!


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