#LiveLodgycal 5 times more!

‘My World’ is as different for me as any one else but my family is its crux. I support a man who puts his life on the line, every single day. I nurture a child who sleeps without meeting his dad much more than he sleeps with him. I am a wife, mother, father, assistant, and helper; go to guy and an all-in-one for my family. My life is full of adventure, excitement and travels – lots of them.

Apart from the routine summer vacations we also do a few weekend trips and trips for a few weeks or couple of months when duty calls. I love the long drives through our beautiful country and the relaxed, endless drive through our highways. Army ensures that we see all the four corners of this country and lots in between.

I can just imagine the comfort, ease and speed with the Renault Lodgy for our road trips, making them an even greater pleasure. The looks, strong built and faith of Renault will make quite a statement!! A stylish chrome grille and chiseled front end flows into a sleek, dynamic profile. Contemporary European lines accentuate a sedan-like stance, to give the Renault Lodgy a striking presence.
5 things that I will take with me in my Renault Lodgy are………

1.  First, being a blogger I have to stay connected so my Laptop, Phone, Kindle and Tab! Power bank too!! Yes, I got them all plus a few books too, just in case I want the feel of a real book. I also will carry a few books for my son who loves his daily story, no matter what.  The Lodgy with MediaNAV, the comprehensive multimedia system combining ease-of-use and a full array of functions will be a great support.

2.  Second, I am not a light traveler; I am guilty of carrying at least 3 extra pairs of clothes along with my own pillow, sheet and coverlet. I am a bit over the top but one never knows where it might get cold enough to need an extra sheet. Plus I need my pillow for reading. The Renault Lodgy is spacious with up to 7 full-size seats over three rows. Its modular loading volume is unbeatable thanks to the folding 2nd and 3rd row bench seats. They have thought of everything for my comfort and well-being, from the climate control to the 30 L of storage space located around the vehicle. Everyone will feel at ease and right at home on-board the Renault Lodgy. Yes, I am sure all my extra bags will fit right in and I will have a relaxed trip.

3.  Third thing to be packed along will be all the big trucks and toys my boy loves to play with. Whether it is a trip to the mountains or to the sun kissed beaches, my 6 year old son will want to do some digging and driving. 

   Renault Lodgy has a massive boot space of 207 litres expandable to 1861 liters, ensuring none of his toys are left behind. The convenience for his juice and snacks plus the reclining seats ensure my baby will sleep comfortably when tired on a long drive.

4.  The fourth thing that I will take with me is lots of cash since not everyone takes card!! Not for the travel but for the souvenirs I will buy. Since I won’t be starved for space I will buy something for everything, no skimping. And of course lots of things for me. The handicrafts and handloom of India is amazing.

5.  Last but the most important I will carry pleasant thoughts, a calm mind and free spirit with lots of adventure! The Renault Lodgy with a face to be envied. A body to be admired. Best-in-class 110 PS engine and 6-speed gearbox. Class-leading space (7 & 8 seat options). ErgoDrive for total driving pleasure. Advanced infotainment with MediaNAV. 2nd & 3rd row smart-sense AC. The Renault Lodgy features the best of all worlds, unlike any other MPV. All these features and what more could I ask for? My very own Lodgy, ASAP!!

This beautiful machine with its unmatched attention to detail will be the perfect partner for rugged roads I traverse with my adventurous army man.

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.

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