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Her Bohemian Husband

A loving finish to the series of Marriages Made in India novellas by Sundari. Her Bohemian Husband is the final book in the five-part series. I have read all the other books in the series in order even though these are stand-alone books. These are short reads, novellas for entertainment and enjoying the typical romance genre.

The book is about Shatrughan, the youngest son of the Maheshwari clan, who hates to settle down and is a globetrotter. Avantika is a dancer and firmly rooted in her work and life. A woman who knows her mind and strives hard to achieve her goals. She finds Shatrughan irresistible and even though the attraction is mutual, he hesitates since they have such divergent ideas of work.

The story follows their path of love; both want each other but think the other is not in for the long haul. It is a sweet book and family is top priority as usual in spite of the hot content. All the five novellas have been bound by the strong family values and solid values in the protagonists.

The twist in the path of lovers eventually was not their own assumptions but Avantika’s parents. It was not expected but was endearing in a way only parents can be with their objections to the marriage of their successful, beautiful and independent daughter. The other character that stood out was Avantika’s brother Vidyut who came from Princeton where he was doing his Masters. A sensible, understanding brother who smoothened the path of their love. He helps them unite and make the parents happy as well. Both families come together in this finale of the Marriage made in Heaven series.

Her Bohemian Husband is a fast, fun book that delights as it moves across various cities giving a bird’s eye view for travel lovers with a roller coaster romance.



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Her Bohemian Husband

(Marriages Made in India #5)


Sundari Venkatraman


Her Bohemian Husband

 Shatrughan, the youngest of the Maheshwari scions, lives his life travelling around the globe. Yeah, he’s struck by wanderlust and can’t remain at home for more than a couple of weeks at one time.

Avantika Kamath, the dusky beauty from Bengaluru, has chalked out a rocking career for herself as a dancer, heading her own troupe, as well as being a Bollywood choreographer. It is love at first sight for her when she sets eyes on Shatru at her best friend Dia’s wedding to his twin, Bharat. 

Shatru’s attracted to Avantika but fears the commitment as he leads a Bohemian life while her life’s grounded. Can the two ends meet? Will Avantika be able to juggle her career and the marriage she wants with Her Bohemian Husband?





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