Happy Republic Day!

On a previous post I had talked about The Serenity Park being the place to unwind and relax. Today is a special update on a new addition to the park.
The Serenity Park in Ferozpur witnessed a historic moment yesterday on 25 Jan 2015 when the tallest flag in Punjab was unfurled there. The flag pole is 106 ft tall and the flag is 36 feet x 24 feet x 36 feet.  It is a wonderful sight to behold in all its glory. The flag fluttered in the wind and  was looking resplendent in the morning.
The National Flag being unfurled.
The ceremony was attended by all the army and civil dignitaries along with the GOC, Collector & Commissioner. It was indeed an honor to be present to witness such a significant occasion in Ferozpur.
Buddha waits; before the Flag.
As I sat and witnessed the unfurling of the flag it was a unique experience for me and my little one. We were lucky indeed to be a part of the ceremony. The 5 odd minutes it took for the flag to be raised was momentous. We had our eyes glued to the flag as it slowly inched its way to the sky; our ears were paying rapt attention to the history of our flag being spoken.
A pin drop silence and a standing ovation followed with such patriotic fervor and emotion of national solidarity. We all also took a ‘voters oath’ to support and participate in Democratic process of the nation   I wish we have such a massive flag in all our towns and cities. It is a wondrous initiative for reinforcing the solidarity and kinship of our nation.
In All Its Glory.
A Salute to the Army, Mr Naveen Jindal and all officials of http://www.flagfoundationofindia.in/who made it possible with their hard work and initiative.
On this Republic Day I urge all of you to value, cherish and inculcate the spirit of being Indian in yourself and your children.
Teach them young & cherish your legacy.
Happy Republic Day!

Jai Hind!

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