GOING NUTS? by Shubha Singh #MoneyMatters Love! #BookReview

A young couple finds themselves in a hard spot financially soon after getting married in the book, Going Nuts? as their finances are out of hand.

The shopping, partying and keeping up with the neighbours drive them to bankruptcy.

Soon they realise that managing money; in this case, their walnuts since they are a pair of squirrels is not as easy as it looks.

The author has also thrown in a couple of life lessons along the way in Going Nuts?

These go a long way in helping the reader and the couple understand that sound finances and common sense go together!

Ideas can be stolen and not all friends are real friends.

In real life as in the book, we find fake friends and people who con us.

Hard work and smart work need to go together to succeed.

The Splurges understand this a bit late and face the consequences.

With their finances in deep trouble, it is touch and go for a while.

The author, Shubha Singh has penned a good book in Going Nuts? that tackles the tough topic of managing finances for young couples in a fun and easy to understand manner.

The best part about Going Nuts? is that there is no tough financial jargon to wade through!

The language is easy to read and understand.

The story and characters are well written and the descriptions are spot on.

The animals are actual representations of the kind the people we find in real life.

The story unfolds at a good pace and kept me reading.

I found a few typos and a good proofread will make it spiffy.

Going Nuts? has good merit and I think it is a perfect read for young and not so young on how to keep our money safe and balance the splurges with the savings.

GOING NUTS? Is this your story?

It could be mine as well. But I hope not as we keep our finances and budget in check.

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Srikant and Srishti Splurge are young, ambitious and newly married. The story is woven around their aspiration to lead a swanky lifestyle and ape the upper class.

They are ensnared into more trouble than they had bargained for and are literally left out in the cold! A thrilling adventure ensues that depicts the personal and financial evolutionary journey of the various characters.

The shrewd Ishaan Invest who always gets the better of the Splurges; the menacing and devious Bite Banks who has many enticing proposals up his sleeve; the ambitious and talented interior designer – Karl Kolor; the laborious and conniving blue-collar workers – Slog and Sweat; the snobbish Pompuses; the lazy and bickering Thornys.

All come together to make this an enigmatic and timeless tale that will provoke the reader to ask more than once, ‘Going Nuts?’ 

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