Ezekiel sweeps off E!

I can’t believe that so early in the A to Z I have been stumped! I was on a roll and almost went overboard with D but now I seem to be struck. Giving me company is my sluggish WiFi; my new home doesn’t seem to have great connectivity; the boon of living in a metro!

Yes, I cannot seem to find an author whose name stats with E.
So I very humbly request my readers to tell me the names of the Indian author they know whose name starts with E or his/her surname is with E.

Well, this almost happened but I persisted and finally found an Indian Sports Writer!! And has he written or what!! So many books and also on the cricketing Legend Sachin Tendulkar! So over to Mr. Gulu Ezekiel…………….

But do mention your author from the alphabet E. 

Gulu Ezekiel is one of india’s best known sports writers with over 30 years of experience in print, TV, radio and on the Internet. He has previously been Sport Editor at Asian Age, NDTV and indya.com and is the author of over a dozen sports books. Gulu has also contributed to numerous sports books published from India, Australia and England as well as written for over 100 publications worldwide since his career began in 1980.
Based in New Delhi from 1991, in August 2001 Gulu launched GE Features, a features and syndication service. He is a familiar face on TV where he is regularly invited to air his views on various news channels.
This is his first book for Westland Limited and is a revised and updated version of the September 2008 first edition.


The A To Z Of Sachin Tendulkar

Great Indian Olympians, Co-author (October 2004)

Who’s Who On Indian Stamps (2004), Contributor

Icons from the World of Sports (September 2003)

Sourav: A Biography (February 2003)

Sachin: The Story of the World’s Greatest Batsman (September 2002)

The Best New Cricket Writing – The New Ball IV – Imperial Bedrooms; Edited by Rob Steen, Contributor (July 2002)

The New Ball Vol. IV: Imperial Bedrooms, Contributor-(November 2000)

Great Indian Olympians Co-author (September 2000)

ABC Cricket 1999-2000 Season Contributor (November 1999)

The Story of World Cup Cricket 1999 (May 1999)

Great One-day Internationals (May 1999)

Penguin Test Match Year 1996-97 Contributor (October 1997)

The Story of World Cup Cricket, 1996 (March 1996)

Indian Table Tennis Yearbook, 1992 (November 1992)

The Best of Expressport, 1986 (Indian Express Publication). 

The Best of Expressport, 1985 (Indian Express Publication). 

Indian Cricket 1984 Contributor

So here is my choice for E, Which is your favorite? 

I am writing about INCREDIBLE INDIAN AUTHORS for the A to Z Challenge 2015.

Author bio from respective websites and wikipedia. Author Pic from westland books

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