Elated #atozchallenge


Delta-Flying, Paragliding, Adventure Bums, Hang Gliding



The scream escaped out of her even before she realized it!  A quick burst of laughter followed! Harry held her tighter and shouted, “Do you like? Isn’t this awesome?”

“Oh! My god!! Yes, this is the best thing ever!! I never imagined it like this!” Esha replied.   She burst into laughter as Harry dipped the hand-glider once again before rising towards the clouds. She shrieked once again shouting, “I am weightless!! I am floating!!”

“We are just birds now, Esha!” Their laughter and giggles shattered the silence across the hills as they felt the freedom of flying. “Yes, we are!”

Through the month of April I am writing along with over 1900 participants for the A to Z Challenge. My theme for the Alphabet Challenge is FEELINGS and FICTION. The happy, sad, funny, silly, envious, over the top and totally low down account of feelings in 100 words of fiction. 


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  9. elixired

    I want to feel that sometime too the way you had expressed that feeling of elation, weightlessness and floating above the sky! Its lovely!

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