Did I just start my post with the dreaded D word!!
Yes I did and why? Because it still causes eyebrows to be raised, women to be shunned and scorned upon even in the so called educated societies.
I could have gone about extolling the virtues of a D cup but then I think that’s highly over inflated anyway!
No one tells the man that he too might have made a lot of mistakes to reach to the juncture where the couple is getting divorced but a woman is never allowed to forget it.
I for one am totally happy, yes happy that someone is getting divorced! Why?
Well before you go on and say how I can be so insensitive, let me explain.
I am a firm believer of the idea that an individual is solely and completely responsible for their life.
A lady who takes a decision to get out of a bad marriage for whatever reason is a wise woman in my eyes.
Abuse is abuse, whether physical, mental or emotional. I am sure there are subtle abuse also which we do not even come to know off. You live it, you have to end it.
So I recommend DIVORCE & DETACHMENT from whatever is getting you down.
If a man can ask for it so can you.
Be a DIVA (yet another D) in charge of your own life and ignore those who hold you back; they don’t live your life.
DIVORCE might make you lose a few “friends” but it will help you find your “life”!

This my post for the #A to Z Challenge and #Ultimate Blog Challenge for the month of April.


  1. vishalbheeroo

    I am with you on that. There is nothing wrong opting for a divorce if a relationship gets abusive or is not working. Let’s accept an individual for what he or she is. The social or moral prejudices, how I hate it. On another note, if I am in love with someone I will go ahead, doesn’t matter if the person is a divorcee.

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