CHEWY the Zombie Kid And His First Journey

Chewy The Zombie Kid

Fun, knowledge and adventure – that is Chewy for you.

This is a simple, rhyming story about a boy zombie called Chewy. He flies off from Zombieland to visit other places since he has never been out. He has a cute little plane and also finds a friend to have a good trip with. The other kid joins him in his trip and off the two of them go.


We had a fun time reading the book as it is a good read with a lovely rhyme. As well as the visits to various countries, the children also learn about the historical monuments in a fun, easy way. A visit to Paris, London and other places, visiting the monuments and travelling as well. I really liked the pictures, they are well drawn, good colours and quite cute.

My 8-year-old enjoyed the adventure of Chewy and loved the illustrations. We would love to read more adventures of Chewy. A fun read for a lovely summer day or a bedtime read.

Chewy The Zombie Kid_Cover

Chewy the Zombie Kid And His First Journey

Want your kids to have fun with a new friend while learning some interesting facts about countries?
Then this book is what you’re looking for!

Amy Summers, a creative mom of two boys presents you her debut verse story of amazing adventures of an adorable zombie boy named Chewy.



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