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Beast is a book about Saimhas-neither lions nor humans who are living with us but we mere humans are not aware. A different paranormal fiction that was so well etched that it felt almost real.

The run, the thirst, the aggression and the fight of the Saimhas literally jumped off the pages.

Paranormal is not something I have found done well in Indian books unless it is a mythological or historical fiction. To say I was hesitant to read this book is being polite, I have had my fill of books that are a rehash of the stories of the yore. My doubts almost stopped me from picking this book.

I am so glad I was proved wrong and Krishna Udayasankar ensured that I am a fan of her book and writing. Beast and the Saimhas ticked all the boxes and managed to both please me and intrigue me.

The hero Prithvi is a Saimha yet he dedicates himself to finding the ones who go rogue. The one he is hunting now forces him to reconsider his values, ideas and the whole theory of what Saimhas can do.

The book is a page-turner with solid, well-etched characters that make for a delightful read. Rahul, Noor, Bhima, Dev, Gogoi, and Dr Acharya ensure that the story has a realism to it. The story moves along with the stories of all these people, ordinary yet not and the Saimhas. Aditi the cop is the only human who supports Chandana and Prithvi when even they doubt themselves.

Beast is a good book that I read over the holidays and enjoyed every bit of it.

What next? What is the big plan of the Saihmas? Are humans in trouble or are the Saimhas?

The thrill of the chase was most prominent in the book, it felt like a lion chasing its prey as the events unfolded. Beast, build up a very relatable world where Saihmas coexist with humans.

I found Gogoi’s character very interesting, would love to read more about him, maybe a short fiction on his story.

Beast is a thrilling chase with surprises and situations that flip with a blink of an eye. Once we see what the were-lions see, all situations feel different. Krishna Udayasankar has etched the awareness, the freedom and power of the lions so vividly in Beast that it felt surreal. Having visited Gir Wildlife Sanctuary and seen the lions in their natural glory it felt fantastic to read about the Lions and Saimhas!


Mugs from Gir Reserve along with the book #Beast


The murders, the killer or killers are amongst them. It is difficult to find the motive for the deaths but the threat looms making everyone a suspect. The book has a lot of buildup for the were-lions but it is all so absorbing reading about the origins of the Saimhas. Till the very end, the killer is elusive ensuring an exciting read.

The freedom to be oneself, to know you are a superior being as a Saimha yet being restrained added an edge to the story. A must-read for fans of paranormal fiction, it has a few references to mythology but only to reiterate the legend of Saihmas.  The book ends on a note where there is the possibility of a sequel, I hope it does.

Beast is proof that not all beasts are killers and the real beast might be hiding in plain sight.

BEAST by Krishna Udayasankar is a book with a message and a warning-evil lurks in the unlikeliest of places so does good. I recommend it for all lovers of paranormal fiction. Won’t mind meeting a Saihma under the right circumstances!




This post contains amazon affiliate links that support the blog at no extra cost to you.



BEAST by Krishna Udayasankar

‘It was always the same dream, a dream that began with darkness and blood.’

When Assistant Commissioner of Police Aditi Kashyap is called upon to solve a gruesome triple homicide in a Mumbai suburb, she is dragged into the terrifying world of the Saimhas-werelions-who have lived alongside humans, hiding amongst them, since ancient times.

Faced with the unbelievable, Aditi has no choice but to join hands with Prithvi, an Enforcer called in to hunt down this seemingly otherworldly murderer.

But can Prithvi overcome the nightmarish burdens of his dark and violent past to unravel the mystery hidden deep within this secret world of werelions? Can he be trusted to save lives, or will he choose to serve a different, more powerful, master?

Read on, as Aditi and Prithvi race through the dark underbelly of Mumbai-from quiet suburbs to gritty brothels, from forgotten colonial tunnels to the lights and glamour of the inner city-in search of a dangerous truth.
In search of a monster.


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