Angelic Roses!!

She smiled as she stroked them. Touching them tenderly and caressing them as if they were made of the most delicate porcelain. They were indeed!

Softest skin to touch, so clear, so milky white and pure; just divine! Tiny yet perfect images, she thought. Fingers, hands, toes, eyes, nose; everything was simply exquisite! Beautiful bow lips, rosy pink and like tiny rosebuds. She could not decide who was prettier; the angelic baby girl or the naughty baby boy?

As she caressed them, her touch so fleeting and gentle she feared she would hurt them. Angelic all knowing eyes; she thought as she looked down. If the eyes opened; she felt they would look all the way into her soul.  The color must be indeterminate; will they really look at me she thought? With bated breath she held waiting for them to open their eyes. Will they know me?

I feel they do; I know them so well looking just like the images I saw. Grainy, black & white images that were her life-line to another life.

She smiled at her silliness, nodding at her thoughts – they knew her alright! Why else would they respond to her?  She touched their hair, the short silky mop growing in all direction, would the color change or would it remain like her?

She was impatient to see them grow, taking a shade from her and curve from him. An expression from her; a nuance from him; what would the future bring to them?

Her heart felt so full, ready to burst with all the love she held , over flowing in the caresses and touch for her babies. She waited for them to open their eyes, to move, squirm and respond to her gentle ministrations.

She looked up, lost in her thoughts when he called her name; surprised when she saw two beautiful red roses in his hands that he laid against them and tears in his eyes…..


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