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Do you ever wonder that if the so-called ‘ghost writers’ actually exist?

Do they really write for the famous authors, celebrities or is it just another of those fictional stories?

Now you know the truth. They exist and Deep here has demystified all the nitty-gritty of ghost writing for you. He has taken the art of ghostwriting and its associated pressures, trials and rewards and laid them bare. Anyone who has heard that many famous, much loved authors have taken the services of ghostwriters will now know how they work.

If you ever wanted to know how to get into this field, how to find clients, what the process is and how not to be fleeced – this is the book for you. The author is an established ghostwriter and has explained in great detail how the entire process works out.

He lists the positive as well as the negative sides ensuring that you make an informed decision. If you year limelight and accolades for your writing then obviously Ghostwriting is not for you. This is an art where your talent is hidden but your craft is strong.

Not just this booklet but I suggest that all aspiring writers read all the books in this series. A perfect starting point for getting into the art and science ghostwriting. Did you check out Devika book about Indie-publishing here?


A2Z Ghostwriting

A2Z of Ghostwriting (The Writer’s Toolkit, a series by The Book Club authors 3)

A guide that will tell you everything there is to know about the big, bad, mysterious, and often misunderstood world of Ghostwriting.

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Other Books in this Series

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The Art of Ghostwriting Vol 3 by D. R. Downer

Publishing Your Book on Amazon KDP Vol 4 by Sundari Venkatraman

Fears and Doubts of a Writer Vol 5 By Reshma Ranjan

Boosting Book’s Sales with a Riveting Blurb! Vol 6 By Ruchi Singh

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