5 Favorite Posts – Part I

The summer holidays were never as crazy as this time. My blogging and reading and sharing took a back seat; no I think they went and sat in the car boot.
In my effort to get back I requested Vidya Sury from www.writetribe.com for shining her guiding light and she helped me in a bit.
Posing but no writing….and now it’s summer!!
The prompt response by Vidya to my request for her to get back and give me a prompt was such an inspiring one that not only did I write two posts overnight but I also thought of two posts for the prompt itself.
OK, I think I have overused the word “prompt” so I will clarify it to you all.
Vidya Sury had tweeted “Pick five of your favorite blog posts (yours or others’) and write a post about them.”
Here is the first post about the prompt. So feeling very glad to write about some of the posts that are close to my heart more than others and sharing them once again with my dear readers.
The second post for this very prompt will be up soon though I can’t promise how soon. I will keep you guys posted.
Each and every post has a story but some of them are more meaningful and special. These are few of my top favorite posts but there are others too that are equally dear. Each post has made me grow as a writer and a better person. All of them have not been directly published on my blog but on some of my favorite websites and that makes them even more special. Another plus for guest posts J
Here are the 5 favorite ones in no particular order 😉
1.   One of my most cherished pieces is about my father, who is my role model and it was even more special as it was the first story to appear on www.womensweb.com I wrote about how a man of few words can leave a big impact on your life. Here is the link http://www.womensweb.in/2014/01/words-of-a-father/
2.   The next one is of course about the women who inspired me to turn to writing and is about the Hindi Writer Simmi Harshita. It also won the itimes.com blogging contest. You can read it here : http://ww.itimes.com/blog/my-inspiration-womens-day-and-every-day
3.   My son inspired this one and the post is about time; something all mothers will appreciate as we are forever looking to squeeze more and more in an hour. How a simple sentence changed my parenting style and life. Here is the link: Slow As A Snail
4.   This one is about my mom, though I have written about her often and in many different posts, this is one of my most favorite and earliest memories. All of us have a lot to say about our moms. Mothers make the whole world and not just us and how! Here is the link: Mother’s Wisdom
5.   This post was written as an exercise about what I had learnt from being a freelance writer and following the writing industry bigwigs. This was an effort to summarize my experience into a concise list for guiding fellow freelance writers. Here is the link :  http://www.indianfreelancewriters.com/2014/03/10-habits-of-highly-successful-writers.html
I thank Vidya for this prompt and her ever helpful and guiding nature that has made try and do my best.
The posts are a jumble of me and my personality. Did you find  your favorite one?
Why don’t you write about your 5 favorite ones and don’t forget to share.

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