4 Messages To My Twenty Year Old Self On Planning For Happiness #WomensWeb

Money is a tough nut to crack for so many of us, whether working or not. Managing it is equally difficult. Find 4 simple ways to tip the scale in your favor……….My new post at Women’s Web about financial planning done simply.

“In our twenties, many of us put off planning our finances for a distant ‘future’. But, can the future we want happen if the money for it doesn’t exist?

Youth is like a butterfly; beautiful, swift and wants to do everything today! I loved all the fun I had in my twenties and today, when I look back, I do realize I could have done a few things better, but don’t we all?
Many say money cannot be equated with happiness; true, but it makes for an excellent support staff when we are sharing our true happiness. A few rupees more for that exclusive sari, that dress, phone or that vacation to give you a much-needed break. Where does this money go, why do you end up searching for it?
We need to start today and if it were possible I would go back to the twenties me and tell myself these things about a well-planned life for a beautiful tomorrow.”
Read how to manage it all and share it too……….. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yav1Y40oVfw]

Do let me know in the comments here or at Women’sWeb what are your views on financial planning and how do you manage your money?

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