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In this month’s story of #WATWB WE ARE THE WORLD BLOGFEST  I am sharing the story of a young girl who is pursuing her dream against the odds. Her dedications brought people to her to the aid.



A determined 16-year-old footballer Mary Naidu, who despite having no permanent home, sports gear or ground to practice on, dreams to someday play for the country. She has been a part of the Mission 11 Million programme is a football initiative aimed towards taking the game to 12,000 schools in 37 cities across the country in search of the most talented children. 

Mary said, “I was selected for the Mission 11 Million programme, through which I reached Delhi and had the honour of meeting our prime minister. He shook my hand and presented me with a football. I just love playing football. I am in Std X and next year I will choose a college which has a girl’s football team. I have been practicing football every single day without fail for at least two hours. This is far less time that I should be giving to it as I have my board exams coming up.”

She now has help and assistance to be the star player she wants to be. A number of people, including former MP Priya Dutt, with her NGO Nargis Dutt Foundation has supported her.

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  1. Bellybytes

    It is rather sad that sporting talent lies untapped and sporting dreams remain unfulfilled in a country like ours where education=employability = escape from poverty is the only formula parents insist their children follow. Thanks for sharing this story which celebrates a different ending.

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  2. Nabanita

    I wish our country did more for sportsman and women. I wish things were better but then I guess I should thank God they are atleast not worse than it is now!

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  3. Simon Falk

    Mary could kick the greatest goal of her life by following her dream to play football (soccer). I hope that she succeeds in both that and in her school too.

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