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Sheena was sure she had checked all the possibilities. Trying to remember if she had been a careless or lax in her method, she went over the steps in her mind yet again. This was supposed to ease her life, help her and let her enjoy her sleep. Yes, her sleep had been most affected by this new, change in her life.  Never had she imagined that her life would change so much so fast and on so many levels. It was true, she reflected, the books did not tell the ‘real story’.

All the good things, the sweet moments were there for all to see but the real issues, the selfless effort needed and the tireless enthusiasm required were all missing. The feeling of helplessness as she tried to understand where she went wrong was overwhelming and almost drove her to tears. Was this one made wrong or was she just so dumb? Ah! Self-depreciation would not help, she was a postgraduate and ran a business pretty well so this should be easy. She tossed and turned as she thought of all possible reasons including some nether world interventions for the problem.

Happily, the reason for her thoughts lay snuggled with his bunny, oblivious to his mother’s dilemma who was losing sleep over the mysterious water soaking her son in spite of a diaper.

Sheena called up her sister in the morning and finally told her about the mysterious water, fearing the worst for her 6-month-old son. The laughter that echoed from the other side startled her as her sister replied, “You need to make sure you set his weenie downwards properly before taping the diaper,” and burst out laughing yet again.

So much for her degree, she had never heard of  gravity defying pee! Why  such weird things happen that are stranger than fiction? She relaxed and started chatting while smiling at herself.

Baby sleeping with bunny




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  1. LOL 😀 Everyday is a learning lesson for new moms. Enjoyed reading your fun and funny take on the prompt, Inderpreet!

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