Brave #AtoZChallenge


He felt unsure and small, not the brave, strong, supportive guy they made him out to be.

“Sri, here have your favorite Khus Sherbet, it will refresh you.” Renu nudged him and handed him the glass. ‘Let go of the sadness, you got out – alive! Cherish it!!”

“I do but I can’t forget the terror I felt when I was struck and heard their cries. I told them to pray but all they did was cry till they lost their breath.”

“It was your songs and hymns that kept them alive, Sri. You were brave, they all know it too!”


This post has been inspired by the recent tragic incident of #KolkataFlyoverCollaspe a sad, grim reality that has left so much destruction in its wake. So much for negligence.




Through the month of April I am writing along with over 1900 participants for the A to Z Challenge. My theme for the Alphabet Challenge is FEELINGS and FICTION. The happy, sad, funny, silly, envious, over the top and totally low down account of feelings in 100 words of fiction. 

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63 thoughts on “Brave #AtoZChallenge”

  1. Not sure if my earlier comment went through, so writing again.
    That’s a powerful story in few words with bravery portrayed in a beautiful dual shade. One subtle and the other quite evident when life called for 🙂

     The Era I Lived In

  2. Very tragic indeed and ordinary people rise up to the occasion. Good story. I also love your beautiful blue background.

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